Warrior cancelled after season 3?

About Season 3

The last season of the series focused on how Mai Ling (Dianne Doan) was featured more prominently in Warrior, with the character finding ways to establish an alliance with Ah Sahm. On the other hand, the protagonist of the story was more concerned with how drug trafficking continued to ruin the lives of many people in Chinatown, and if the constant gang fights didn’t stop, the territory would never be safe again. Just when it looked like Ah Sahm could make a difference in his community, the series was canceled by Max, turning the conclusion of the martial artist’s adventures into a mystery.

Warrior Cancelled after season 3

Unlike most series that are canceled by their networks, Warrior does have a strong chance of coming back, with Netflix seeing potential in the drama show created by Jonathan Tropper, based on the writings of Bruce Lee. If the existing three seasons of Warrior are popular when they are added to the catalog in February of next year, the streaming platform may be willing to work on the development of new episodes. It remains to be seen if Warrior will return to television, or if the sun has set on this version of Chinatown.

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