Wednesday Season 1 Ending Explained


Aren’t you all excited that Wednesday Addams has a stalker? Yes? We are too. Will Wednesday return to Nevermore Academy next season? For all the answers, Make sure to keep reading!

But incase you are new here, Wednesday is an American coming-of-age supernatural comedy horror television series. It is based upon the character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. The show follows Wednesday Addams, a high-school student who finds her brother Pugsley tied up in a locker. She sees a psychic vision of his bullies whom she attempts to kill in revenge but gets expelled. Her parents, Morticia and Gomez, decide to enroll her in Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts.

The series was released on Netflix on November 23, 2022. The show has received positive reviews and much appreciation for the series lead Wednesday. Moreover, The series also broke the record for most hours viewed in a week for any English Language TV series on Netflix, surpassing Stranger Things Season 4.

If you are one of those show addicts waiting for a clarity on the ending of the Season 1, then here you are, at the right place. But before that, to those who didn’t watch the show yet, read at your own risk.

                                          ***Spoiler Alert***

Wednesday Season 1: Ending Explained

By the end of the Season 1, Wednesday Addams managed to find out the culprit behind the mysterious killings in the town. She also discovered that the creature behind the serial killings in town was in fact, a Hyde.

Who is the killer?

Despite most of Wednesday’s assumptions being wrong, finally, she managed to find out that the Killer was indeed Tyler as she gets a vision after they both kiss in the Weathervane. In addition to that, Wednesday also found out the her dorm mom Ms. Thornhill was actually Laurel Gates who manipulated and used Tyler to kill the Mayor, Rowan, Dr. Kinbott. Tyler was also an outcast but he was mostly away from Nevermore Academy.

How did Wednesday survive after being hurt by the revived Joseph Crackstone?

As Wednesday was struggling to keep up and survive after Crackstone hurt her, eventually, Goody Adams appears in the crypt and saves Wednesday. Goody also let her know that Wednesday can no longer see her after that. However, as Wednesday is back to her live, she managed to let Ms. Weems know that Ms. Thornhill is behind all of this.

Are Xavier and Wednesday in Good Terms?

After Wednesday had accused Xavier of being Hyde and killing the people, she uncovers that the Hyde was her love interest Tyler and not Xavier. The night when the Sherrif Galpin goes looking for Tyler in the woods, he leaves Xavier in his car but in cuffs. However, Thing manages to save Xavier. At the end of Season 1, Xavier gifts Wednesday a brand new phone hoping they would be in touch. Considering the same, we expect that two are in good terms.

Who sent those pictures to Wednesday on her new phone?

As Wednesday is on her way back to home, for a break till the next semester, Wednesday receives a couple of pictures from an unknown number. The picture were from Wednesday talking to Xavier and taking the gift. Considering that she also received the text “I’m watching you”, we expect that there’s more to the series than a mysterious killings by a Hyde.

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