What And When Can We Expect From Freaky Friday 2?

The novel’s successful film version, Freaky Friday, stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter who must come to terms with one another. In May 2023, Disney announced a sequel to the 2003 movie, with Jamie and Lindsay willing to return.

Disney enlisted Elyse Hollander to write the narrative for Freaky Friday 2, which stars Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in their respective roles from the first movie. The follow-up to Mary Rodgers’ Freaky Friday, which includes a body swap and several sequels, is titled Freaky Friday 2. Subscribers to Disney Plus are able to see the whole original movie.


Freaky Friday 2 Release Date

Freaky Friday 2’s release date was still a mystery in May 2023; if things continued as they were, it wouldn’t happen until at least 2025. Disney engaged Elyse Hollander to pen the script for Freaky Friday 2, according to a source from May 2023. In an interview, Curtis said that the Halloween films were responsible for prompting her to get in touch with Disney regarding Freaky Friday.

In addition, she continued, “Everywhere I went for Halloween, people were asking if there would be another Freaky Friday.” I could definitely relate to that. I phoned some friends of mine who work at Disney after returning to my flat and said, “There seems to be a movie to be made.”


Freaky Friday 2 Plot

Freaky Friday 2’s plot is unknown, however, we can reasonably assume that a body exchange is involved. After eating fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant, Anna and Tess in the first movie find themselves imprisoned within one another’s bodies. Only until they discovered unconditional love for one another were they able to return to their regular selves.

The sequel to Mary Rodgers’ original story, Freaky Friday, in which the protagonist’s brother switches places with their father just before summer camp, is one of several that have been produced. Another odd custom is placing bets on the results of horse races.

A thematic sequel featuring a different family called Freaky Monday was produced by Rodgers and Heather Hach in 2009. That happened as a result of a pupil momentarily assuming her teacher’s identity. If Lohan’s character decides to return to school as an adult, that would be fascinating for the upcoming movie.


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