What are negative calorie foods? Check out such foods which can act as a negative calorie food for your healthy diet plan

Most likely, you’ve heard of low-calorie foods that help people lose weight. However “negative calorie food,” refers to foods that use up more energy during digestion than they give the body when absorbed into the body. In other words, the energy in the food is less than the number of calories needed to digest it. These foods frequently have high levels of fibre, water, and a low glycemic index. They help burn calories in addition to having fewer calories. So foods with negative calories help people lose weight.

For weight loss, it’s imperative to track your caloric intake. However, this might be difficult given our busy lifestyle. However, your typical calorie intake is directly linked to obesity and the storage of fat, and it can even slow down metabolism. Over time, this may lead to weight gain or sluggish weight loss. Eating foods with negative calories is one of the common recommendations for avoiding calorie restriction. (HealthShots)

Here are 7 negative-calorie foods to lose weight – 

Lettuce – Include lettuce in your salads; it’s high in fibre, folic acid, and vitamin B and has just 15 calories per 100 grammes, making it incredibly nutrient-dense.

Lettuce - Wikipedia

Cucumbers – Minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes are abundant in cucumbers, which are also incredibly hydrating. It is also regarded as the go-to cooling food on hot days because it helps the body’s water balance. Per 100 grammes, they have about 16 calories.

Cucumber - Wikipedia

Apples – Apples make a tasty fruit snack. It’s a fiber-rich food you must eat to stave off midday hunger, with about 50 calories per 100 grammes. Pectin, a soluble fibre that supports weight loss and releases sugar gradually to help regulate blood sugar levels, is widely present in apples.

Zucchini – There are only 18 calories in 100 grammes of zucchini. In addition to aiding in bowel regularity and water balance, the phytonutrients in zucchini make it a great choice for a diet that aims to lose weight.

Zucchini - Wikipedia

Tomatoes – Only 19 calories are present per 100 grammes. Additionally, it’s a great source of potassium, vitamin C, and dietary fibre in addition to being juicy and tasty.

Tomato - Wikipedia

Broccoli – Broccoli is regarded as a superfood because it contains only 34 calories per 100 grammes. It contains significant amounts of fibre and antioxidants, both of which have been linked to anti-cancer properties in studies.

Broccoli - Wikipedia

Carrots – Carrots have about 41 calories per 100 grammes. They are also rich in vitamins A, C, and K and low in cholesterol and saturated fats. They are also a great source of dietary fibre.

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