What can we expect to happen in Yellowjackets season 3?


The season 2 ending raises issues for viewers that cast doubt on a potential season 3 storyline. The log home catches fire from the outside in the last scene, leaving the teenage protagonists alone in the forest without any place to hide. Coach Ben started the fire in the cabin after learning what had happened to Javi. Lottie declared Natalie to be the leader when Javi passed away because she thought the wilderness had picked her.

Natalie’s passing will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the group in the present, especially Misty, who must now live with the guilt of killing two of her closest friends. Lottie tells Tai and Van that the forest is content with them as she is being transported to a mental institution. The approaching season will probably highlight some advantageous changes taking place in their lives.

By framing Detective Kevyn for the killings of Adam Martin and Jessica Roberts out of his love for Misty, Walter eventually frees Shauna’s family. The Sadeckis are safe, but Callie is aware of her mother’s secrets despite their safety. Being the daughter of a killer, embracing her dark inclinations, or listening to the “wilderness” are likely to be topics covered in Season 4 4.

Karyn Kusama, the show’s director and executive producer, discussed the consequences of the present-day narrative line and how the characters will be forced to bear the weight of what happened in the first two seasons in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Kusama said, “Certainly loss is going to be an initial kind of emotional glue, and the fallout from that. But I also suspect there’s a lot to explore about the real-world ramifications of the past two seasons. I think that’s going to get further addressed and further looked at. I think it’s going to be a question about how to bring everyone back together when it’s the right thing to do or makes sense narratively.”

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