What is Examsnap Cisco 200-301 CCNA and which topics does it cover? How can you succeed with Exam Dumps?

If you are an individual who wants to prepare for a career in the IT technologies, you can go for the Examsnap CCNA certification path. It covers a broad range of the fundamental skills required for various IT careers that are based on software development expertise, latest networking technologies, as well as job roles. Holding Cisco CCNA means that you have the foundation needed to take a career in any direction.

What exam to pass for this certification?

To obtain this associate-level certification, you need to take the Cisco 200-301 exam, which is also known as Examsnap 200-301 CCNA. This is the only qualification test that the students should deal with to earn the certificate. It lasts for 120 minutes and includes about 100-110 questions in various formats, including fill-in-the-blank, drag and drop, as well as multiple choice with single or multiple response. All the items will be available in English or Japanese, depending on your choice during the registration process. Please also note that you will need to pay $300 for the exam.

What topics does this exam cover?

To be able to pass the Cisco CCNA Practice Test 200-301 with flying colours, you need to have a good understanding of the domains covered in it. It is even better to master all of them to be ready for any question that will be given during the test. Thus, all in all, 200-301 CCNA includes the following details that an individual should learn:

  • Network Fundamentals

In this section, you are required to know about wireless principles, virtualization fundamentals, and switching concepts. It includes your knowledge of encryption, frame flooding & switching, SSID & RF, as well as virtual machines. Besides that, it is important to have the skills in identifying the interface & cable issues and comparing the cabling types & physical interface.

  • Security Fundamentals

For this area, a potential candidate needs to have knowledge of the key security concepts and security program elements. They include the details of user awareness, mitigation techniques, physical access control, exploits, etc. Also, you should have the skills in configuring the access control lists and Layer 2 security features.

  • IP Connectivity

To master this topic, you need to have knowledge of the components of routing table as well as the purpose of the first hop redundancy protocol. Your knowledge base should also include the information about IPv4 & IPv6 static routing, single area OSPFv2, and the ways to configure and verify them.

  • Automation & Programmability

The next domain is all about the capabilities of configuration management mechanisms, Puppet, Ansible, and Chef as well as the characteristics of REST-based APIs. An interested candidate should know about how to interpret Examsnap JSON encoded data and how automation impacts network management.

  • IP Services

Here, it is essential to have knowledge of the configuration and verification processes required towards inside source NAT, NTP operating in a server & client mode, as well as NTP operating in a client and server mode.

  • Network Access

The last section is about Cisco CCNA Practice Test 200-301 , VLANs spanning multiple switches, interswitch connectivity, as well as AP & WLC management access connections.


Dealing with any certification exam with flying colours is not an easy task, so you need to have thorough preparation before taking it. The same goes for the Cisco 200-301 test. If you want to have a good outcome, you should learn all the topics and ace them. Thus, you will be able to answer any question and earn the highest possible result. So, prepare with great deliberation and don’t forget to use exam dumps to know what to expect.

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