What is Marcus Rashford’s Net Worth: How Much Is Marcus Rashford Worth?

Since breaking into the Red Devils team in 2016, the striker has been a regular, but how lucrative has his rise to stardom been?

Marcus’ net worth is estimated to be around £80 million.

Salary: Marcus signed a new contract with Manchester United in 2019, reportedly worth £300,000 per week (approx. Rs. 3 crores). That contract will keep him employed until 2023.

Endorsement and sponsorship: Aside from his salary at Manchester United, details of his wealth are scarce, but his various endorsements, particularly with sportswear behemoth Nike, are certain to be substantial. His deal equates to 2.3 million per year (approx 23 crores per year).

Other collaborations: Rashford is also a ‘McDonald’s Football Ambassador,’ and in December 2017 he participated in a promotion in which he returned to his former club, Fletcher Moss Rangers, to distribute brand new kits.

He has also collaborated with EA Sports to promote their FIFA video game series. Furthermore, he appears to have established a property business, as do many footballers, implying that he will invest some of his earnings in that industry.

Source: Forbes

He is only 22, so his net worth is bound to increase exponentially, especially with his popularity and image. His charitable nature makes everyone want to work with him.

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