What is veto power and which countries have got it?

List of veto countries, and when they have used veto power it in history?


If you are talking about the United Nations Security Council, then five countries are permanent members who have the right of veto, this country is:

1. United States of America (USA)

2. Russia (Russia got this right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union)

3. United Kingdom (UK)

4. France

5. People’s Republic of China (China)

These are the five Allied nations who fought together in World War II have veto power.

What is veto power?

if a resolution comes in the Security Council and if one of the permanent member countries does not agree with it, then this proposal will not pass or will not come into effect. In words, if any resolution has to be passed in the Security Council, then the consensus of its five permanent members is necessary.

Who have used veto power when and how many times.

Russia: Soviet Russia When the United Nations was born before the Second World War, it was a more powerful League of Nations than America. In the first 10 years of the history of the United Nations, the Soviet Union used veto 79 times, you will be surprised to know that in this period only China, America, Britain used it only once and France used it only twice. Andrei Gromiko, who was Foreign Minister for Russia from 1957 to 1985, was not even called Mr., although after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the veto has been used by Russia only twice so far. Against the funding of the UN campaign in Cyprus and in favor of Bosnian Serbs.

United States of America: America has used this prohibition against Israel 35 times in the history of America’s veto power exercise. America has used this power 53 times so far.

United Kingdom (UK): All permanent countries have misused this power keeping in mind their national interests. It has been used 32 times in Britain’s veto power history. In which seven times alone, 23 times in support of America and 14 times he has supported France. The last use of the veto on behalf of Britain was in the year 1989 against the US in the Panama Lick.

France: France has so far used this power 18 times, in which they got 13 times with both Britain and America, while in Panama case they used it against America, in which it had the support of Britain.

China: The use of veto power of the above four countries did not have much effect on India, but China has used this privilege many times against India. For the first time it used Mongolia against membership in the UN, followed by China in 1972 with the support of Pakistan on India’s application for the creation of Bangladesh.

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