What Karla Ann Charlton is doing now after leaving Gold Rush? Here’s everything we know so far

Karla Ann Charlton was a welcome addition to “Gold Rush” and its many spinoffs. She appeared in 52 episodes of the mainstay show alongside Rick Ness from 2018 to 2021. She also made cameos in “Gold Rush: The Dirt” and “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.” However, she hasn’t been seen on any Discovery programs in quite some time, which may have some fans wondering what Karla Ann is up to these days.

To begin, it’s important to know some of Karla Ann’s background and how she fits into the “Gold Rush” fold. She was inspired by her great-grandfather, who mined the Klondike back in the day. She was born in Vernon, British Columbia. She works as a survival expert, wilderness guide and photographer, accompanying Parker Schnabel on his Klondike adventures.

She may have missed a few “Gold Rush” episodes, but she hasn’t lost her adventurous spirit. She frequently updates her Instagram with stunning images of her travels. It’s unknown if she’ll return to “Gold Rush” (or why she left in the first place), but she’s enjoying her best life.

Karla Ann Charlton hasn’t been sitting around at home after leaving “Gold Rush.” Karla Ann Adventures is her own business where anyone who wants to explore the Yukon can hire her to guide their adventure. With a background in safety practices and first aid, travellers can feel certain they’re in the hands of someone who understands the area inside and out.

She is also interested in sports, as she states on her website, “My winter safety experience comes from a decade of backcountry snowboard guiding and documenting professional snowboarding. I hold the highest standard in Avalanche rescue training and Wilderness First Aid.” This is evident on her Instagram, where she has posted multiple photographs of snowboarders and rafters.


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