What role did Jefferson White portray in Blue Bloods and which season did he appear in?

For fans of Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone,” Jefferson White is most famous as Jimmy Hurdstrom, a problematic ranch hand at the story’ titular Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Fans will undoubtedly recall Jimmy’s dramatic debut in Season 1, as Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) forces the part-time meth cook to choose between going to jail or becoming “branded” as a  member of the Dutton clan.

Even though Jimmy is still White’s most popular e role to date, he first featured in the highly successful crime drama “Blue Bloods” several years before he ever took a cattle prod to the chest. In particular, White played a police officer named Eric Carlson in the Season 7 episode “Whistleblowers.” Carlson is one of the episode’s whistleblowers, having spoken out against the NYPD’s abuse of citizens in certain neighbourhoods.

After learning that Carlson’s commanding officer had sent him to a psychiatric ward to disprove his claims, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) finds out that the C.O. himself took part in the corruption that Carlson had reported.  White does an excellent job portraying this morally driven police officer who is forced to stand up against a corrupt system and who pays the price of doing the right thing, despite the fact that he only appears in this episode.

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