WhatsApp rolls out multiple admins and three other cool features to Channels

WhatsApp introduced a couple of new features to its one-way broadcasting tool, Channels. Mark Zuckerberg stated on Wednesday that voice notes, multiple admins, sharing to status and polls will be coming to the Channels. The goal of these updates is to give users more ways to interact with WhatsApp Channels.

Globally, WhatsApp is slowly releasing new features on web, iOS, and Android platforms. Among the new features are:

Voice Updates: One of the highly anticipated features, Voice Updates allows Channel admins to send out voice notes to connect more with their followers. WhatsApp claims that the network already exchanges a remarkable 7 billion voice notes every day, and the new addition will make voice notes a dominant communication format in Channels.

Polls: For better interaction, Channels can now create their polls. This tool allows Channel managers to immediately access their audience’s thoughts and preferences. WhatsApp Polls allow users to create short questions with various response options, changing passive viewers into active participants.

Share to Status: WhatsApp’s Share to Status feature covers the gap between channels and personal connections. Users can simply post interesting updates from their favourite channels on their WhatsApp Status, spreading the word to their network.

Multiple Admins: WhatsApp Channels has improved group management by introducing the Multiple Admins functionality. With the ability to have up to 16 admins, the platform allows users to simplify communication flow among channels.

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