When is Griselda Miniseries Coming on Netflix?


When Can We Expect The Netflix Miniseries Griselda? The renowned Colombian drug boss Griselda Blanco will be portrayed by the great Colombian actress Sofia Vergara in the upcoming Netflix series “Griselda.” There will be six tense episodes of this much-awaited series, each lasting 50 minutes.

Vergara, who plays Blanco to perfection at the age of 49, just appeared in the first look image released by Netflix. The extraordinary life of Griselda Blanco dubbed the “first female billionaire from crime,” served as the basis for the television series. One of the wealthiest and most potent drug cartels in history was founded by Blanco thanks to her unflappable personality and clever intellect.

“Griselda,” a highly anticipated Netflix series developed by Ingrid Escajeda, will include a strong cast.

In addition to Escajeda and co-writer Doug Miro, executive producer Sofia Vergara is a gifted actress. Eric Newman, Andrés Baiz, a filmmaker, and Luis Balaguer from Latin World Entertainment will also be present.

The programme will benefit from a wealth of creative skill and experience thanks to this great lineup of executive producers, setting the foundation for an engaging and intriguing series. Audiences can look forward to an exciting trip into the intricate and alluring world of Griselda Blanco thanks to Sofia Vergara’s great ability and fascinating depiction.


When Is The Netflix Miniseries Griselda Coming?

The eagerly awaited miniseries about Griselda Blanco and Sofia Vergara’s life and drug empire will air on Netflix in the autumn of 2023, the streaming service has officially announced.

Although the compelling series is greatly anticipated by viewers, a precise release date has not yet been announced.

The news has sparked a lot of interest and curiosity as fans get ready to go on a thrilling trip into the intricate world of Griselda Blanco, as portrayed by the great Sofia Vergara.

Audiences can anticipate becoming engrossed in an exciting and intriguing tale that examines the fascinating stories of these powerful individuals as the premiere date approaches.

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