When is ‘Transit Love (EXchange)’ Season 3 Episode 15 releasing?

Transit Love (EXchange)’s creative notion has generated a lot of attention on the internet. In an effort to forge fresh bonds with one another, the show brings separated couples together in one location. After the first 14 episodes of the reality series were released, it gained popularity and is currently airing its third season.

Recap of Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 14

Every male participant selected a date for their ex-girlfriends in the previous episode (14). Prior to the selecting procedure, they spoke with their ex-partners for twenty minutes. Choi Chang Jin was selected by Seo Dong Jin to be Song Da Hye’s date when they were asked to reveal their selections. Lee Ju Won was chosen by Choi Chang Jin for Lee Yu Jung. Kong Sang Jeong and Cho Hwi Hyun were paired up on a date by Seo Min Hyung.

Choi Chang Jin was chosen by Kim Kwang Tae to be Lee Jong Eun’s partner. Seo Dong Jin was selected by Lee Ju Won to go on a date with Lee Seo Kyung. Remarkably, Cho Hwi Hyun chose Seo Dong Jin to go on a date with Lee Hye Won as well. Viewers witnessed numerous emotional exchanges between the ex-lovers at the conclusion of the third season episode of Transit Love (EXchange). As it came to a close, Kim Kwang Tae sobbed while speaking with his ex-girlfriend Lee Jong Eun.

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Release Date

The 15th episode of Transit Love (EXchange) will release on TVING on Friday, March 15, 2024.

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