‘While Israel is refraining from harming civilians, Hamas is using them as human shields’: Israeli PM Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for Israel to stop targeting civilians in Gaza by saying that Hamas is to blame, not Israel, The Times of Israel reported.

He went on to say that Israel is doing everything it can to protect Gazan civilians, while Hamas is doing everything to stop them from leaving for safe zones.

Netanyahu stated, “While Israel is doing everything to refrain from harming civilians and calling on them to leave areas of fighting, Hamas-ISIS is doing everything to prevent them from leaving for safe areas and is using them as human shields.”

Israeli PM added that Hamas is “cruelly holding our hostages — woman, children and the elderly — in a crime against humanity” and “uses schools, mosques and hospitals as terror command centres.”

Furthermore, he stated that although Hamas is committing crimes in Gaza today, tomorrow it will spread such attacks in other nations as well, as reported by The Times of Israel.

“These crimes that Hamas-ISIS is coming today in Gaza, will tomorrow be committed in Paris, New York and everywhere around the world. World leaders must condemn Hamas-ISIS and not Israel,” Netanyahu added.

According to The Times of Israel, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lior Haiat updated the casualty toll from last month’s Hamas strikes on Friday nearly to 1200.

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