While preparing to face Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather says ‘Weight don’t win fights’

The “ceremonial” weigh-in on Saturday gives no surprises as Logan Paul has an advantage of six feet, two inches height in at 189.5 lbs with 5-foot, 8 inches, Floyd Mayweather checking in at 155 lbs. Floyd Mayweather will face the youtube personality Logan Paul when they will step inside the ring for the fight at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday and that’s the only thing the undefeated five-weight champion is conceding.

Logan Paul’s record stands at 0-1 after losing a fight to a fellow youtube personality and took only one shot at the unbeaten Mayweather by 50-0 during a tame weigh-in and though it was a glancing blow that the champ laughed off. Paul said that he’s not ready and he doesn’t know what to expect and that’s not the biggest fight of his life, that might be his biggest fight because he’s got a lot on the line while everything to lose and he’s going to have fun.

He further added by saying that he was even up there proves that’s stimulation and none of that is real, the aliens are going to come and the next day he will bring the stimulation and defeat the greatest boxer in the history of the planet. Mayweather said that he had been there before and he knows what it takes and he had fought every different style he could fight and the weight does not win fights, the fighting wins fights at the end of the day and he can fight. Just one thing he can do is fighting and he had been at the top level for 25 years so he knows what it takes.


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