Who got fired in Succession season 4 episode 6?

As co-CEOs, Kendall and Roman attempted to carve out their own legacy in Succession season 4 episode 6. However, the spectre of their father and the impending GoJo deal have undoubtedly raised some eyebrows, particularly in Roman’s case. Even though Succession has featured many twists and turns, this episode included a couple of abrupt firings, which left some viewers unsure of whether Roman’s choices were serious or not.

Here, we list every person that was let go in Succession season 4 episode 6 and assess the likelihood that we will see them again in upcoming episodes of the popular TV show.


Who got fired in Succession season 4 episode 6?

In Episode 6 of Season 4 of Succession, Roman dismissed Joy and Gerri as executive producers. You read that correctly—we said, Gerri. This episode wasn’t really Roman’s finest because it is obvious that he hasn’t really processed the death of his father and that he is set on dismissing anyone who disagrees with him.

It’s not yet apparent if Roman’s pink slips will actually stick, despite the firings. Since Joy has many connections in Hollywood, as Gerri pointed out in the episode, and since her legal team is now involved, the entire process will either need to be reversed or become very messy.

The GoJo Kill list from Succession season 4 episode 5 didn’t include Gerri. This indicates that Lukas Matsson, who is purchasing the business, wants her to stay, and we doubt that Roman’s hasty decision will be carried out.

However, this is only conjecture. We’ll have to wait till the publication date of Succession season 4 episode 7 to find out if Gerri and Joy really are out in the cold at Waystar. Exciting!

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