‘Who is Erin Carter?’ star Evin Ahmad talks about Erin’s romantic feelings for Lena and more

Erin Carter is the best action star right now. Swedish actress Evin Ahmad plays the lead in Netflix’s Who Is Erin Carter? series, which quickly became a worldwide hit since its August 25 premiere.

Erin is caught between her current life with her family and the past she believed she had put behind. Erin will go to any dangerous lengths to protect her daughter, Harper and she isn’t frightened of getting blood on her hands. Throughout the seven episodes, Erin’s past is slowly disclosed and viewers find that she is not Harper’s biological mother.

In a recent interaction with HollywoodLife, Evin Ahmad talked about romantic feelings between Erin and Lena. She said, “We talked about it, me and Denise. I mean, I saw it a little bit. It could have definitely gone in that direction if we would have had more time to explore it. I’m definitely not a stranger to it. I think so, yeah, in some amounts.”

When asked whether there have been any discussions about season 2, she said, “No one’s told me anything, so I don’t know actually. I have no idea. If you go to Netflix, it says limited series, but I don’t know. Let’s see. I’m curious as well.”

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