Who is Hobie Brown in Across the Spider-Verse?


We don’t blame you for finding it challenging to remember the vast number of new characters that the newest Spider-Man movie introduces. Before you even consider the multiversal danger, Spider-Verse 2 offers a variety of Spidey species and animation styles.

Hobie Brown, though, is arguably the most fun Spider-Man character we see in one of the finest animated films of the year (for more information, see our review of Across the Spider-Verse). He is among the top Spider-Man performers in the expansive ensemble of Spider-Folk in Spider-Verse 2. We just adore him, to be quite honest.

Who is Hobie Brown from Across the Spider-Verse and why is he such an important character as we approach the release of Spider-Verse 3 and perhaps more new films beyond that? Personally, we’re still in shock at the cliffhanger.


Who is Hobie Brown in Across the Spider-Verse?

Spider-Punk, commonly referred to as Hobie Brown, is an extremely groovy version of Spider-Man from Earth-138. Daniel Kaluuya plays the part with a recognisable London accent.

Hobie, whose animation is styled to seem like a poster for a punk rock performance, is the definition of cool. The authentic Camden accent of Kaluuya is the finishing touch on a Spider-Man that will stick in your memory.

Hobie is introduced to us as a member of the Spider-Society and Gwen Stacy’s (Hailee Steinfeld) close pal. Hobie and Gwen are so close that our major character Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) is really envious of them. He would be the green-eyed Spider-Man if such a thing existed.



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