Who is Margot Fenring in Dune?

It might be difficult to keep track of all the strange and amazing individuals in Dune’s plot since they come from so many different groups and houses.

Margot Fenring is one of these characters from Dune. With the publication of Dune 2, viewers will be exposed to the figure, who is right out of Frank Herbert’s works. The sequel to Dune is expected to be among the top films of the year and will feature many additional new characters. But let’s concentrate on just one for now. In Dune 2, who plays Margot Fenring?


Who is Margot Fenring in Dune 2?

A Bene Gesserit spy named Margot Fenring is involved in the intricate and secret breeding operation run by the group. She serves as a crucial (though covert) ally of Lady Jessica and warns Lady Jessica, the mother of Paul Atreides, of the approaching Harkonnen onslaught.

The Bene Gesserit send Lady Margot Fenring on a covert mission to woo Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, Baron Harkonnen’s nephew, later in the book. This is accomplished in order to protect his lineage, which is crucial to the multigenerational breeding scheme and its efforts to produce a Messiah-like figure with unlimited power.

Eventually, Baron Harkonnen and Emperor Shaddam are overthrown by Paul Atriedes, and Margot Fenring is banished alongside the previous emperor. Her position in Dune comes to an end at this point, but it’s possible that it may be significantly different in the film version, especially given how important she is highlighted in the teaser.

Performing the role of Margot Fenring is French actor Lea Seydoux. Seydoux has been in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch in addition to playing the love interest Madeline Swan in the James Bond films.


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