Who is Unicron in Transformers Rise of Beasts?

Another trailer for the forthcoming film, Transformers 7, just debuted and provided a clearer peek at the story and characters of the future film. One of these is the movie antagonist Unicron, a really terrifying foe that represents a significant threat in every sense of the term. Before seeing Transformers 7, you should be familiar with Unicron’s background and alliances.


Who and what is Unicron in Transformers?

The 1986 animated film Transformers introduced the Transformers villain Unicron. The latest Transformers 7 teaser features a glimpse of Unicron. He transforms from a Transformer the size of a planet into a massive planet-like shape. Since he can devour other planets in this form, Unicron gains strength by feasting on them.

Unicron has since made appearances in various Transformers media after playing the adversary in the animated film, when he formed an alliance with Megatron (who was later transformed into Galvatron) to destroy the Matrix. His mythology has been developed to incorporate the fact that he is Primus, the Transformers’ inventor’s brother.

His voice actor for Transformers Rise of the Beasts is Colman Domingo. Orson Welles provided the voice for him in the animated film’s opening sequence.

The robot Unicron is neither an Autobot nor a Decepticon. Despite the fact that he has occasionally forged transactional alliances with Decepticons whose goals coincide with his own, he is not affiliated with either group.

These alliances, however, end when Unicron threatens both Transformers and every planet with life. He assaulted Cybertron, which was then dominated by the Decepticons, for instance, in the animated film.

For the time being, Unicron is done. When the planet-sized Transformer returns to the big screen in Transformers 7, there will undoubtedly be a lot more for us to discover about him.

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