Why Nadal is dominant in Clay Courts

Rafael Nadal was at the top of the French Open last season so his confidence brings him to the conclusion that he is still going to win in the coming years. The Spaniard has shown a lot of dedication in the game which also proves why he is a star in the sport.

Nadal had a lot of problems heading into the tournament. Aside from the fact that the tennis bubble really hampered the way they played in the courts, the pressing idea of having to deal with the constant blood check is taxing for every player. The Spaniard considers the year as a big one thanks to the win at Roland-Garros.

Nadal clinched his big win in the French Open last season when he came up with a big game against Novak Djokovic in the final. It was a classic game and many bets on sportsbooks found at the playorbet casino were placed between the two rivals. Their battle just proved that they are still at the top of the game. Nadal talked about his victory in the tournament.

‘Stamping my authority is not really my thing. I played a very good tournament given the conditions, taking steps forward every day’, Nadal said of his big win at the French Open last season. ‘I played the perfect match when I had to in the final. Simply, every day I played well enough to win the matches’.

Nadal approached Djokovic with a plan to avenge his clay loss in Rome. He came out of a very bad spell and played well. He used that as a learning material and kept on battling hard as he answered strongly on the Serbian’s quick volleys.

‘Every time I come to Paris I don’t think I’m going to win. I arrive excited that I might do it, but knowing that the most logical outcome is that I don’t. Winning is not normal, and I am always very aware of that’, Nadal explained. ‘As I said from the first day, this (2020) year was the most adverse Roland Garros I have played in, first because of the conditions and second because my preparation was practically non-existent in terms of tournaments’.

His family and team were on a box named for him during that match. That had a small effect as no player is already used to playing without a crowd in the game. The previous matches prior to the French Open were tough for him because of the absence of fans.

Winning the French Open 13 times is a huge feat, but tying Roger Federer’s Grand Record is an important case for him. Of course, making history is something that any player would want, and Nadal’s achievement is a big part of his legacy.

‘We value it and appreciate it in a special way’, Nadal said. ‘Tying him at 20 means a lot, it’s a great honour. It’s a wonderful thing’.

Nadal is writing his legacy in the sport, and he is not yet finished. That says a lot about his chances of closing out the season with a title, and the Madrid Open is his next target after closing out the Barcelona Open against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

There is a huge chance that Nadal can win more titles this year at the very least. He is still a favourite to bet on for a lot of online sportsbooks in the playorbet casino. Nadal is still a top player, and he has what it takes to prove to the world that he is not going to back down from challenges.

Nadal has been an efficient star for years, and there is no reason for him to slow down anytime soon. He hopes to play the games he failed to do so in the 2020 season. Nadal knows that it will be a very huge factor for his better finish by the end of the 2021 ATP Tour season.

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