Wildcat: When is it coming out? Here’s what we know!


It’s certain that watching Wildcat on Prime Video will make you cry. While it’s advised to avoid working with children or animals, for former British military veteran Harry Turner, rescuing an orphaned ocelot—a tiny, spotted wildcat found in the wilds of South America—proved to be the thing that saved his life.

Harry had to be medically dismissed from the military after enlisting at the age of 18, serving in Afghanistan, and returning with severe PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts. He to the Peruvian bush in search of solitude, when he came upon American scientist Samantha Zwicker. Her ambitious attempt to rewild Keanu, an orphaned ocelot, was the result of her recent rescue.

In the heartwarming documentary Wildcat, she and Harry go on a journey to teach Keanu how to live like a wild animal, but it also reveals how taking care of Keanu helped Harry recover. Harry claims, “He’s rescuing me, and I’m saving him.”


Wildcat Trailer

Yes, Amazon Prime Video has published a Wildcat trailer, and it looks both magnificent and poignant. Harry may be seen crying and saying, “I’m in the most beautiful spot in the world and I can’t be happy,” in the Peruvian forest. But over time, his relationship with Keanu gives his life a new direction and offers him some kind of salvation. View the list below.

Harry, a young British war veteran, is followed by Wildcat as he makes his way to a rural area of Peru in an effort to get away from his mental health problems. “I felt that life wasn’t worth living and maybe I should just go where no one knows if I’m alive and no one knows if I’m dead,” he says.

Then Harry met American biologist Samantha Zwicker, and the two are working to help Keanu the orphaned ocelot. Harry’s mental scars are also beginning to heal as they teach the infant how to hunt, how to avoid perils in the forest, and how to exist without human assistance. “That’s when my life took a turn,” he says.


Wildcat Release Date 

A unique documentary called Wildcat will premiere on Prime Video on December 30, 2022, in every country. It debuts prior, on December 21, 2022, with a restricted theatrical distribution in theatres.

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