Wiped Out Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot and all that there is to know!


Chelsea Handler has sold Wiped Out, a half-hour comedy that Peacock said she will executively produce together with Molly Burke and Rachel Polan. The life of a self-centered lady, without whom the world is better off, will be examined in the new series, which was created by Charles Morris and has Claudia Lonow serving as the showrunner.

She goes on a rampage after losing her memories, but with the encouragement of her gullible cousin, she becomes determined to regain them. The program will be created by Universal Television with another program starring Chelsea Handler called Blair.


Wiped Out Season 1 Plot

The series is written by Charles Morris and centers on the life of a selfish lady who ultimately deserves what happens to her. When her memory is abruptly erased from every living thing in the world, the self-centered lady who believes she has a beautiful existence is shown to be mistaken. A passing black hole that causes rifts in the existing fabric of reality also erases memories.

The woman is upset and considers her next move to restore her former life since she is conceited and accustomed to playing the superior person. With the hope that she might restore her former life, even if it means starting over, she turns to her cousin, who is also the queen of conspiracies, for assistance.


Wiped Out Season 1 Cast

We don’t know who the Wiped Out cast is as of Feb 2023, however considering the series was announced in 2020, production may still be in progress. We may infer from the story’s narrative that there will be characters playing the self-centered woman and her conspiracy-theorizing relative.

There will also be more cast members who have a connection to the narcissistic character or who have been negatively impacted by her behavior in some way. The show’s originator, Charles Morris, will continue to serve as an executive producer with Chelsea Handler.


Wiped Out Season 1 Release Date

The Covid epidemic accelerated the commencement of the series’ filming, which was originally scheduled to begin in 2021. We haven’t heard from the show’s producer or the distribution channel up to that point. The Wiped Out series might be anticipated as early as 2024.

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