With Love Season 2 Ending Explained!


The comedy series With Love Season 2 on Prime Video follows Lily and Jorge Diaz as they deal with major life upheavals and seek support from their equally huge family.

Despite the fact that With Love Season 2 continues to centre on important occasions in the lives of Lily, Jorgito, their parents Beatriz and Jorge, their cousin Sol, Miles, Lily’s on-and-off boyfriend Santiago, Jorgito’s boyfriend Henry, and family friend Nick, the season feels less gimmicky because we aren’t searching for arbitrary holidays to spend with these people.

Instead, Season 2’s journey has a true connecting thread that not only makes sense but also looks realistic to where each character is in their lives.


With Love Season 2 Ending Explained!

Upon reuniting with Santiago, Lily experienced comfort and joy in their relationship. In her brother’s flat, she was residing. As their housemate Nick had a new person in his life and their flatmate Jorge and Henry spent most of their time together, the flat became more and more congested. Lily was finally asked to leave and advised to remain with their parents by Jorge.

Living with her parents, who had a very active sex life, was, nevertheless, quite tough for Lily. Lily had an impending wedding planned, but she wasn’t sure whether Santiago shared her plans.

On Christmas Eve, Mrs Delgado found an engagement ring that had fallen from a coat. Lily assumed it was Santiago’s coat and that he was about to ask her to marry him. He requested her to return to his flat as opposed to making a marriage proposal. This information devastated Lily’s heart once more.

Santiago claimed to detest marriage. Both were more focused on upholding their moral standards than having the other in their life. They once again broke up as a result.

Finally, Henry got the nerve to pop the question, and with Jorge’s parents’ approval, he did so with a grand gesture. Once they were engaged, Jorge Jr. and Henry’s love story took the stage.

Henry and Jorge Jr. were powerful people who couldn’t imagine living without one other. They finally tied the knot and vowed to live their lives together after all the planning, celebrations, and challenges. With a magnificent wedding celebration, their romantic journey came to a conclusion.

At the end of the series, Santiago eventually decides against getting married after realising that doing so will make others ignore him.

On the other hand, Lily’s relationship with Santiago had driven her to breaking point. Nick, a successful independent contractor, attracted her attention as a potential match. Lily was compelled to ask Nick to marry her.

Lily and Nick promised they would wed soon on the day of Jorge and Henry’s wedding.

While everything was going on, Santiago, who was holding an engagement ring, stepped back, looking sad and dejected.

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