WWE legends John Cena and Randy Orton to ‘collab’ on X-rated OnlyFans content?

Randy Orton has replied to John Cena’s statement about joining OnlyFans, and it’s hilarious. On February 22, Cena posted on X that he had joined OnlyFans, a London-based internet content subscription service. His post stated,  “like you’ve never seen me before. Subscribe at the link in bio”.

Cena also added a video of a couple of electric fans in the post, making it even more amusing. His most recent statement also caught the interest of his long-time rival and fellow WWE star Orton. The Viper replied to the post, stating that he would be willing to work with the 16-time WWE Champion on the new platform.

A few of Cena’s fans were caught off guard by the wrestler’s new OnlyFans account. Many, at the same time, believe the revelation is only a PR stunt to promote his next movie, Ricky Stanicky. The film’s name appears on the free account on OnlyFans and now Orton has commented on the bold marketing strategy by Cena’s crew, even though nothing has been confirmed. In response to Orton’s funny request on X, Cena wrote, “Excited to create some content together! DM for more!”

Orton is presently on his journey to WrestleMania 40, despite the fact that his match at the ultimate event has yet to be set. It appears that the Viper may want to make a pit stop to shoot some content with Cena. Aside from the jokes, it is possible that the posts were made in good fun, with none of the wrestlers taking it seriously.

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