‘Yeh Meri Family Season 3 ‘ made its debut on Amazon MiniTV

The Awasthi family goes through ups and downs in the spring of 1995 as Ritika (Hetal Gada) struggles academically and Rishi (Anngad Raaj) matures. Sanjay (Rajesh Kumar) and Neerja (Juhi Parmar) are trying to figure out how to be better parents.


With a preview of the warmth, humour, and nostalgia in the series for a period when you’d wake up to loud alarm clocks and winning over a fun banter with your sister was your biggest flex, Season 3 transports you back to the spring of the 1990s. The trailer gives a glimpse of the idyllic and straightforward lifestyle of that time period, featuring a close-knit family with lively banter between siblings (Rishi and Ritika, performed by Gada) and their parents’ constant nagging. The Yeh Meri Family teaser, which concentrates on realistic situations and feelings, is full of nostalgic “kuch khatti-kuch meethi” moments.

This time, the conversation went more deeply into the topic of parents’ rage and came to the conclusion that children’s defiant conduct and want expression are acceptable for clear reasons. But before that, how much slapping is too much slapping? Neerja, Rishi’s mother, slaps him virtually every episode until Sanjay finally gives him a slap across the face. Throughout the season, he felt like a survivor because of the hurtful things his parents did to him and the bullying he endured from the older pupils at his school.

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Release Date

Yeh Meri Family Season 3  had released on 4 April 2024 on Amazon Mini TV.

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