Z- Girls member Cralyn announces pregnancy; will not return to Korea

Female K-pop idol Caryln has decided to stay in her home country, as she happily announced her pregnancy and plans to not return to Korea as she begins a new phase of life.

On June 16, Z-Girls leader Carlyn, surprised fans as she revealed her pregnancy through a vlog. In the video, the idol also shared that she has no plans of returning to Korea. She wants to begin a new chapter in her life with her partner Von Ordona.

On Wednesday, the female idol’s better half posted a video on his YouTube channel titled, “NEXT CHAPTER OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER.” In the vlog, the idol is seen announcing the arrival of a new family member and thanked everyone for their support.

Carlyn said that she initially had decided to return to Korea however, due to the pregnancy she decided to “erase” that plan. She further added that she is “very happy” and excited about embarking on the new journey and holds no regrets.

The group Z-Girls was formed as a result of a project to gather global stars from different Asian countries. Carlyn was the girl group’s leader, centre and main vocalist. She is from the Philippines. The other members of the girl group include Vanya from Indonesia, Queen from Vietnam, Priyanka from India and Bell from Thailand.

Joanne was a former Taiwanese member who left the group because of health issues. Mahiro from Japan also left the group recently in the pursuit of a solo career.

Earlier, Carlyn was a member of the Filipino girl group called ‘Pop Girls.’ She became a part of this international project and debuted in 2019 with the single ‘What You Waiting For’. The group hasn’t released a lot of music except another single called ‘Streets of Gold’.

Congratulations to Carlyn, here’s wishing her good health and happiness.

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