Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead Episode 6 Ending Explained!

Something significant occurs in “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” episode 6, “RV of the Dead.” One of the major characters, Akira, truly misses his deceased parents. In order to feel more connected to his parents’ memories, he talks to his buddy Tendou, and the two of them plan to go to Akira’s former village.

However, given the zombie apocalypse that is taking place all around them, the trip to the settlement is not without risk. They thus had a brilliant idea to make the lengthy drive safer and more comfortable—they chose to utilise an RV, which is similar to a mobile home.

They encounter Shizuka for the first time when they visit the RV store. Surprisingly, they all decide to go together since they believe it will be safer for them to stick together. They had no idea that something surprising is waiting for them on the way.

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Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead Episode 6 Ending Explained

Finally, when Akira and his companion were about to leave, a row of roadside spikes punctured their tyres and abruptly brought an end to their trip. Tendou, who was on a bike, suffers severe injuries and is unable to stand. Unexpectedly, a fleet of buses pull up, and Chief Kosugi from Akira’s former employer exits with a bunch of young guys sporting baseball club uniforms.

Because of the hardships he previously experienced under Kosugi’s direction, Akira is shocked and terrified. However, Kosugi continues to be harsh and expresses scepticism about Akira’s survival despite his bravery in expressing relief that his boss is okay.

Kosugi offers new tyres and a first aid kit for Tendou’s wounds after observing Akira and his buddy in need, arguing that he cannot desert an employee. This touches Akira, but his appreciation wanes when Kosugi offers assistance in return for employment. Despite being reluctant because of prior abuse, Akira consents to two days of employment.

They are brought to the business, where Akira is given work constructing zombie-proof barricades. Akira discovers that Kosugi’s troops have been wrecking roads to enslave people.

Akira puts a lot of effort into his work while observing the exploitation going on around him. Tendou receives medical treatment in the meantime while seeing Akira’s peculiar behaviour around the chief. According to Shizuka, Akira’s dread is a result of a prior event that he hasn’t yet fully recovered from, which affects how he interacts with Kosugi.

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