3 Rules to Style Your New Pair of Glasses for Girls

Girls’ glasses are a way to flauntyour style, in addition to vision correction. A new pair of glasses can transform your entire appearance, and simply changing your frames can make you feel more on-trend and even more comfortable in your skin. But whether you are choosing glasses or sunglasses, you must be sure you are making the right choice, and behind the aesthetics, there are technical factors that will determine if your glasses are comfortable or not.

We have four golden rules for you while you select the best girls’ glasses for yourself.

Golden Rule 1: FACE SHAPE

Some frames will suit you better than others, depending on your face shape. It’s all about proportion and geometry; the first step is to understand your facial shape.

Is your face shape round, oval, square, triangle, or heart? A few simple guidelines will assist you in selecting the appropriate frames. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Oval face shapes can wear practically any girls’ glasses as long as the frames are no larger than the face width to maintain proportion. However, the narrow frames that lengthen the face are a BIG NO.
  • If you have a round face, wide oval-shaped girls’ glasses, especially cat-eye frames that lift the features. Also, angular frames like square, and rectangular shapes that balance out roundness, will work well.
  • Triangular faces look great with glasses that accentuate the bottom of the frames; adding width at the slimmest part of the face will look great. Choose slightly rounded oval girls’ glasses or winged form if you have a heart-shaped face.

Golden Rule 2: THE RIGHT FRAME

Do you prefer glasses with prominent frames or spectacles with a more subtle appearance? Always keep in mind that while selecting frames for your glasses, you should consult your prescription.

  • If you’re only mildly short-sighted, you’ll have no restrictions on lens thickness, allowing you to choose whatever frames the best suit your face, and you may select the most stylish girls’ glasses.
  • If you’re short-sighted, though, your options will be somewhat limited. Small, circular frames will help disguise thicker lenses by reducing the width of the edges, and plastic materials will help mask thicker lenses. Yet you’ll have options to select your girl’s glasses that will make you look smarter.
  • Finally, if you need progressive lenses or are long-sighted, choose broad frames with aspherical lenses to avoid a magnifying effect.


Select a style for your girls’ glasses that is appropriate for you. Are you more trend-driven, chic, or classic? Examine the various alternatives available and take the time to try on all of the frames that appeal to you with the virtual try-on option available at the website of Titan Eyeplus.

Unless you got a prescription and you want larger lenses, consider a delicate metal frame if you prefer understated elegance.

  • Acetate frames are incredibly durable, and the material lends itself to a variety of finishes, including high-shine, matte, wood-effect, tortoiseshell, and brushed appearances. In contrast, titanium is regarded as being the most comfortable material.
  • Plastic frames are the most affordable and work with all types of lenses and prescriptions, providing a wide range of options.

Don’t forget that your girl’sglasses are a reflection of your personality, and theyshould be every bit as unique as you are, whether you go for unique themes, stand-out hues, or shade changes. You should just slay with your new pair of glasses!

Golden Rule 3: YOUR COLOR PICK

Choosing the appropriate frame colour might be a real challenge. It’s frequently easier to go with neutral colours that go with everything, which is a shame given the vast array of options available. Colour preference is highly subjective, but there are a few guidelines that can assist you in making the best decision.

  • Choose glasses that brighten your face without obscuring your features and that highlight your colouring.
  • Consider the colours that complement your skin tone and those that clash with it.
  • Darker colours, such as iridescent black, plum, magenta, and mauve, will look great on pale skin.
  • Warmer skin tones, on the other hand, go well with yellow, khaki, navy blue, orange-toned red, and ivory frames, as well as gold and copper accents.
  • Finally, dark skin brings out the vibrancy of bright hues.

Now that you know how to get the best eyeglasses for you, go on and grab the perfect pair of girls’ glasses from brands like Fastracktoday!

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