5 robust functions of drake tax software

Drake is a well-known tax software amidst tax preparers, accounting firms, and CPAs. The software enables them to prepare detailed tax returns and improve their productivity with functions like Tax Planner, e-Signature, Scheduler, and more. Yet, tax professionals still encounter difficulties like filing the returns on time, helping their customers through non-business hours, collaborating with different teams in the organization, file sharing, and securing the data.

So here are 5 robust functions of Drake tax software:

Enhance Drake by hosting on the cloud

Drake tax software functions are not limited to offline processes. You can add extra potential to its performance by using Drake Hosted Software. Drake tax software, when hosted on the cloud, offers the advantage of enhanced data security, remote access, and greater collaboration among departments in an organization.

Tax Planner

It is one of the major functions of this software, which can assist you to plan for taxes for your customers depending on factors like income, dependents, marital status. etc. You can also review the variation of current tax software in life situations like purchasing a house or getting married. This function also enables you to store several cases and modify reporting alternatives as per requirement.

DoubleCheck function

Regardless of years of experience in the tax industry, any professional can get errors while preparing tax returns for customers. Hence, rechecking the data entered is very crucial before filing the returns. By utilizing DoubleCheck function of Drake software, you can mark things in the fields like a text box or check box as noted for review, flagged for review, or verified.

Effortless data backups

Securing the customer’s data is your responsibility, which is why backups are important to avoid any potential data loss. You can simply do that with the help of the manual Backup and Restore function of Drake software, where you can define the location to save the data after the backup. Apart from the manual back alternative, you can also enable automated backup or selective backups for your tax data.

If you want to use cloud-hosted Drake software, you can enquire your hosting provider for the backup facility. Drake tax software can also be hosted on the cloud with the help of a Cloud Windows Desktop for better productivity.

Drake documents

Managing physical documents on paper is a chaotic operation for all tax professionals. Hence, most tax preparers are adopting paperless environments for work. Here, the Drake Documents function is highly beneficial. It provides secure automated storage of your customer’s data, documents as well as returns.

Drake Documents act as a digital filing cabinet where you can save and access returns, forms, and tax documents.

Importing and Exporting

Preparing returns for customers also includes the import and export of files including tax data, which can be best managed by Drake software’s importing and exporting function.

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