Aditya Chopra’s plans for ‘Pathaan 2’ revealed; Here’s everything you need to know

It’s official: Pathaan 2 is happening. Shah Rukh Khan would play Pathaan again in a sequel, according to a new report. Apparently, the movie will start shooting later this year. According to reports, Aditya Chopra has personally worked on the script with his team and is preparing Pathaan 2 as the foundation of bigger conflicts that may lead to further spying films under the YRF banner.

A source shared with Pinkvilla that Shah Rukh and Aditya have reached an agreement on the script for Pathaan 2. It is stated that the events of Pathaan 2 occurred before the events of Tiger vs. Pathaan. The movie is expected to provide the foundation for the epic Salman Khan vs. Shah Rukh Khan clash in Tiger vs. Pathaan.

The source told the entertainment portal, “Pathaan 2 will predate Tiger vs Pathaan and will set up the clash of two cinematic legends on the big screen. Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan is definitely a character that has resonated with the audiences, and there is a constant on-ground demand from the audience to see more of SRK in the spy avatar. Soon after the release in January 2023, Adi and SRK had decided to spin Pathaan into a standalone franchise too within the Spy Universe and the former started ideating the sequel of this all-time blockbuster.”

“Pathaan 2 is being designed as the tentpole spy film of the universe that will set things up for bigger conflict in the times to come. It will set up the next phase of YRF Spy Universe’s timeline. In fact, P2 sets things up for the big battle between Tiger and Pathaan (Tiger vs Pathaan) in the future timeline.” the source stated, confirming that SRK and Aditya are planning to begin filming Pathaan 2 before the end of the year.

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