Airtel launches adtech platform called Airtel Ads

Bharti Airtel made a statement saying that they have launched an adtech platform.

The ad platform is named Airtel Ads. The telecom company will allow various brands to create ads keeping in mind the consent and privacy of the customer. The Chief Product Officer of the company Adarsh Nair said in a statement, “By abstracting Airtel’s unique strengths of quality customers, best in-class network and world-class digital platforms, Airtel Ads offers innovative channels for brands to reach the right audiences. What truly differentiates Airtel Ads is its razor-sharp focus on quality over quantity and real impact vs vanity metrics. Advertising is an adjacency to our core business of delighting our customers with great services.”

The company wants to ensure that the customers will not receive spam ads but instead recieve ads that are relevant to them. They plan to do this by using deep science data.

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