Ajinkya Rahane reveals ‘My role is to take backseat, have plans ready when Virat Kohli comes to me’

Indian vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane reveals that his job is to make plans during a match and keep to himself unless the captain Virat Kohli asks him for suggestions. In Virat’s absence, Rahane did an excellent job as a captain when he led the Indian team to a historic victory over Australia in the 2020/21 Test series. He also revealed that batting with Kohli and Pujara is different and his communications with both remain good.

The vice-captain told ESPNcricinfo ” My role is to take the backseat. Virat already has a lot of thoughts in his head and as the vice-captain, his job is to keep his plans ready. Whenever there is a need for my plan, I reveal it but more often than not, I take the backseat. When the captain asks what the plan is, I should always have an answer.”

Rahane also revealed his batting with Kohli and Pujara. He said ” I and Virat had a lot of big partnerships and we both like to play attacking cricket together and if you look at our strike rate which is good in Test cricket. On the other hand, Pujara prefers to take his team along as he is a defensive player.”

He further added ” With Pujara the communication was different as Pujara bats at number three and I bat at number five. So, Virat and I are number four and five. Whenever they wanted to counter-attack, then we always had decided to do it together. On the other side, with Pujara it had taken a very long time to build a partnership. The only similarity I had with both of them was good communication.”


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