Alejandro Garnacho’s brother slams Rio Ferdinand for claiming Lionel Messi unfollowed him on Instagram

Alejandro Garnacho’s brother has slammed any claims that Lionel Messi unfollowed Manchester United player Alejandro Garnacho on Instagram, stating that he never followed him in the first place.

Argentina international Garnacho, according to United icon Rio Ferdinand, was unfollowed by Messi because of the 19-year-old’s admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo. Garnacho is one of the few players who have played with Messi and Ronaldo during his early career.

But the Madrid-born winger has been clear about his admiration for Ronaldo, rather than his Argentina teammate, and after scoring the likely goal of the season at Goodison Park on Sunday, Garnacho paid tribute to Ronaldo by copying his famous “Sui” celebration.

Fans claimed Messi unfollowed Garnacho when he posted an Instagram photo of Ronaldo last year, and he still does not follow the United player. Speaking on his Vibe With Podcast, Ferdinand claims that Garnacho told him his Ronaldo fandom was not taken well by Messi.

“You know what I like about him? He doesn’t give a f***,” Ferdinand stated. “Garnacho told me that Messi unfollowed him just because he makes no secret of preferring Ronaldo. He comes out, don’t care, “I’m a Ronaldo man”. Who’s the GOAT (greatest of all time)? Ronaldo. (Even) when he’s in the Argentina squad.”

In any case, Garnacho’s brother, Roberto, later dismissed this, saying that he has no beef with Ferdinand in the process.

He posted on X: “Fake, Messi never followed him, stop making stuff up just to create hate, garna loves and admires both of them and you all Trying to creating a rivalry.”

Before adding: “I’ve even seen videos of Messi showing the World Cup to garna, mate if u knew how we celebrated it at home.” He then added, “Wow. This isn’t even targeted to Rio specifically it was just the incorrect info on Garna’s name about this from many people in general, wanted to just make it clear!”

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