Are streaming services better than traditional cable TV?

Many consumers are switching from cable TV to online streaming services in the modern era. Ever wondered why?

Even though not everyone agrees that streaming services provide many more benefits, cable TV is still much needed and provides an all-around package. Cutting the TV cord entirely, may not be the smartest of ideas.

Live streaming services have become a hot topic and for good reason. Although streaming services appear to offer more deeds than average cable TV. However, cable TV is still a competitor. Thus, there is fierce market competition anytime it comes to streaming services vs. cable TV.  In this competing market, it is difficult to find names innovating and bringing quality services to you. One such name comes to mind and we highly recommend it too, AT&T en Espanol provides you with a variety of services and great customer support, so you never have an issue with cable TV. However, with so much competition and market forces, it is difficult to determine who dominates the sector.

In this article, we have discussed the elements from both sides so you have a clear idea of which side to pick.

1. Affordability

The main reason why cable TV is in the game for a long time and is still standing strong is that it offers more services at comparatively low prices. In the case of cable TV, you can choose from different packages that suit your budget well. Streaming services also provide packages at different costs. It works more in the favour of streaming services as it offers ad-free streaming. The packages may not be affordable for everyone.

Cable Tv offers a discount in a bundle offer so if you are looking to combine the package with the internet, you might as well pay a lower price for it. Cable Tv allows the customers to create their bundle from scratch rather than selecting one that has already been created, unlike streaming services.

2. Variety of the Content:

The competition becomes very tough when we talk about the variety of content that is being offered by both, streaming services and cable TV. It is no secret that live streaming offers a lot more content to watch. Although Cable TV offers more channels to watch, they might not satisfy the needs of a viewer. You can watch anything you want from any genre at any time you want by using streaming services.

Streaming services stand out in this regard since they give you additional choices when you browse their vast online catalogs. There is constantly new content to check out thanks to streaming on-demand apps, which offer a whole new world to explore.

3. The Internet Requirement:

Cable is typically dependable for content transmission, whereas streaming depends on the internet. This works in favor of cable Tv as the internet may not be accessible all the time for some people. You can kill your time by watching TV without having to worry about the internet. Internet stability is also an important factor here. The videos tend to buffer if the speed of the internet is low.

However, the internet factor improves mobility for streaming services. It means you can entertain yourself by watching your favorite shows even if you are waiting for a train on the subway. You can not carry the Tv and the cable around.

Let’s talk about some downsides of each side separately by considering the overall findings.

➔ Advantages

Cable TV Streaming Services
You can experience the adrenaline of live sports. You can download any preferred show or movie and can watch it offline any time you want.
The unreliability of the internet. You can binge-watch and catch up on shows without a scheduled time.
Pay-per-view enables you to demand your choice of movie or any show.


You can explore a vast variety without a certain limit.

➔ Disadvantages

Cable TV Streaming Services
It can be a hassle to restore the connection if you cut the cord. Streaming services are comparatively more expensive than Cable TV.
Cable Tv can be more expensive than streaming services in some parts of the world.


You cannot enjoy live sports and broadcasting.
You cannot have time flexibility. You can only watch the preferred shows at their scheduled times. You need a stable internet connection to use streaming services.

The Final Verdict

It can be complex to answer the question that which is the better option between cable Tv and streaming services. Both sides possess a fair number of pros and cons but you should pick the one that is more suitable to your liking.

If you are at the point where you must pick between cable TV and streaming services, you should consider the above-listed points and then decide.

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