Avika Gor refuses to endorse fairness products

Avika Gor makes a conscious decision of refraining from endorsing any fairness products not because she wants to degrade anyone but because she does not believe in the notion that “fairness is the only beautiful”.


Avika Gor, the child actor who appeared first on Balika Vadhu has given her perspective on why she refrains from endorsing fairness products.

Speaking to a leading daily, Avika says that she doesn’t mean to degrade anyone as she does not believe that fairness makes one “confident” or “beautiful”. She strongly believes that it is one’s work ethics, way of thinking, talent and overall personality that commands how beautiful you really are.

She strongly rejects the notion of “ideal beauty” and “fair is the only beautiful” that has been fed to us since time immemorial. She doesn’t want to be part of any such campaigns or Ads that promote unrealistic beauty standards as they can have a long-lasting impact on young minds, who then start believing that they are not “good enough”.

Avika opens up about her initial days of acting and how she felt “ugly” even though she was doing an exceptionally great job at the work front. This thought arose because of what has been portrayed using media campaigns. However, she was wise enough to shift her perspective to what really defined her as a person and never once questioned herself.

She’s unabatedly does what she’s great at, acting whilst also making a conscious effort to stay fit and healthy along with disregarding unrealistic standards of beauty.

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