Best Korean movies on Netflix to make you ROLF

List of top best Korean movies on Netflix

The Korean wave, or Hallyu, has swept the globe, especially with Bong Joon-massive ho’s Parasite’s popularity in 2020. The Academy Award-winning film drew international attention to South Korean filmmaking, and it is now being made into an HBO miniseries, with Mark Ruffalo perhaps playing the lead.

My sassy girl

This is possibly the most remade South Korean film of all time, including adaptations in Japan, India, the United States, and China. My Sassy Girl is Korea’s highest-grossing comedy film of all time, based on a true story told in a blog series by Kim Ho-sik. The film is credited with igniting international interest in mainstream South Korean cinema and spreading Hallyu, or the Korean wave, over the world. Gyun-woo (Jun Ji-hyun), a college student who can’t seem to get a break, is the protagonist of the film.

My wife is a gangster

The comedy-action film tells the story of Eun-jin (Shin Eun-kyung), a powerful Korean mafia family member. She has to marry as soon as possible after telling her terminally ill sister that she would before she died. Eun-jin meets Kang Soo-il (Park Sang-myeon), a meek office worker who is the polar opposite of her, on her quest to find a guy who will marry her.

Baby and I

The film follows Joon-soo (Jang Keun-suk), a rebellious high school student who is popular with the girls, and is loosely based on a manga of the same name. A tragic trip to the store results in him getting more than he bargained for: a baby. To make matters worse, the infant comes with a note claiming he is the father.

Speedy Scandal

This film, sometimes known as Scandal Makers, is about Nam Hyun-soo (Cha Tae-hyun), a former teen idol who is now a 30-year-old radio DJ, whose life is flipped upside down when a woman (Park Bo-young) arrives at his home with a little boy, claiming to be his daughter and the youngster his grandchild. As Hyun-soo tries to acclimate to this new knowledge and hide it from reporters on the lookout for scandals, hilarity follows. In the year of its release, the film was the highest-grossing Korean film.

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