Bharti Airtel releases consolidated sales number; net profits at Rs. 853.6 crore

  1. Consolidated Net Profits: Rs 853.6 crore
  2. Net Losses:  Rs 298 crore
  3. Exceptional Gain: Rs 4,559.9 crore which includes –
  • Charge on account of re-assessment of contractual / regulatory levies and taxes: Rs 3,159.6 crore
  • Charge on account of reassessment of the useful life of certain categories of network assets due to technological advancements and impairment of intangible assets of: Rs 1,419.5 crore
  • Net Credit on account of settlement with a customer and other charge for related entities: Rs 19.2 crore
  1. Consolidated Revenue from Operations: Rs 26,517,8 crore
  2. It added around 1.3 crore 4G customers in Wireless business which helped in growing revenues by around 25%
  3. Average revenue per user: Rs. 166 increased by 2.4% from Rs.162
  4. Revenue per tower per month grew by 4.4% QoQ to Rs 2,43,395
  5. Consolidated customer base increased by 4.1% to over 45.79 crore

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