Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla advises Rakhi Sawant to come up with a ‘Flavorful’ solution to make housemates corporate

In an Extra Masala Snippet, Rakhi Sawant is seen struggling with her captaincy as some housemates refuse to corporate with her. In the clip, she is seen offering a massage to those completing their chores and keeping the house clean!

Seeing her in trouble, Abhinav Shukla comes to aide her. He suggests her to come up with a fun but flavorful solution to make housemates corporate with her. He also gives her examples of several captains who came up with exciting solutions. With his advice, he also suggested her to keep an eye on them and also keep them away from throwing tissue papers everywhere in the house. Troubled Rakhi, jokingly wishes to tie-up all of them with several ropes so she can manage them!