Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli is in hurt as Rahul Vaidya does not keep their friendship as his priority; The former says, “Usne mujhe aur Arshi ko compare kiya”

In an Extra masala snippet, Nikki and Abhinav are having a chat about Rahul, where the former expresses her pain over Rahul’s priorities. She is seen telling Abhinav, “Aly’s priority is clear that Arshi is his favourite, then why isn’t Rahul clear with his priority? He is comparing me with Arshi. Agar Aly hota then I understand, but it is Arshi!”

Nikki further mentions that the thing that triggers her is, “Woh dosti ko uper nahi rakh raha hai.” Abhinav tries to make her understand that she should not get involve in this and doesn’t need clarifications as things are clear in front of her eyes. Nikki further mentions that she did not start this, Rahul came to her for justification.

Abhinav concludes that even her mother told her to play ‘Solo’ as she does not need any backup for her and play individual as she is enough for herself.