Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya talks about the concept of ‘friendships’ in the house; Expresses to Arshi Khan, “Tumlogo ke sath dil ki baatein ki jaa sakti hai”

In an Extra Masala Snippet, Rahul Vaidya discusses the friendships that he made inside the house. He said that over the time he has been inside the house his friendship with Rubina and her group was the worst one. He deemed that as a mistake. Sharing with Arshi Khan, he tells that their friendship was about taking the challengers out of the house.

Now, his perspective on friendship has changed and thinks that challengers like Arshi are some of the genuine people. He adds, “Tumlogo ke sath dil ki baatein ki jaa sakti hai. Aur is wajah sae tumhra aur mera equation acha hai.”