BLACKPINK has released a new project celebrating its fifth anniversary; “4+1 PROJECT”

The popular K-pop girl group will turn five in August and it has something planned for their fans. Read on to know more!


It is only two months from now that the top K-pop girl group will complete five years in the music industry giving some powerful music to make people jump on. BLACKPINK will celebrate its fifth anniversary in August 2021. Their first debut single, ‘Square One,’ was released on August 8, 2016.

To celebrate the completion of half a decade by the group, YG Entertainment has planned a project. On June 15, the agency released a teaser photo on Twitter resembling the style of the group BLACKPINK. It reads ‘4 + 1 PROJECT’ written in large fonts, announcing the start of the anniversary project. they have attached a link to the microsite on the post where all the updates regarding the vent will be updated. Although, no details have been given yet. A YG Entertainment representative said, “We have planned various types of projects to meet the love and expectations of the fans. The contents will be released sequentially on the event website (”

The title of the project has made various BLINKS ( name of BLACKPINK’S fandom) ponder as the mention of ‘4’ is inferred as to refer to the headcount of four members of the group, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose while ‘1’ is believed to be a reference to BLINK.

The fans are extremely curious and excited about the event. Not much is known about the upcoming celebrations, but the details are expected to be out soon considering August 8 marks the groups fifth anniversary.

The group members have kept themselves occupied with individual projects. As Rosé released her debut single album ‘R’ in March, Lisa is also expected to unveil solo material this month and Jennie had, made her solo debut in 2018 with the song ‘Solo.’ Meanwhile, Jisoo is all set to star in “Snowdrop,” a South Korean television series decided to be on air later this year, alongside Jung Hae-in.

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