Bobby Deol reveals his character was initially supposed to ‘kiss’ Ranbir Kapoor in Animal

Bobby Deol revealed some surprising details about the last action scene in his most recent film, Animal. The film concludes with Bobby’s character, Abrar, engaged in a shirtless showdown on an airstrip with Ranbir Kapoor’s character, Ranvijay. Bobby Deol revealed in an interview that the two characters had a love-hate relationship and the director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, took specific creative decisions throughout the film to highlight this dynamic.

In a new interaction with The Quint, Bobby said that director Vanga removed a  crucial scene from the movie’s theatrical version. However, the actor said this scene may be included in the longer Netflix version, which is expected to be much longer than the film’s current 201-minute duration. Describing Vanga’s explanation of Abrar’s character, Bobby recalled, “There are these two brothers, they want to kill each other, but there’s a love that they have for each other. I’m going to shoot the climax sequence with a song playing in the background, which is about love.”

Bobby then revealed that there was a kissing scene between the two characters, but it was cut. He did, however, indicate that it may appear in the film’s uncut OTT version.  He said, “He (Sandeep Reddy Vanga) said, ‘You’re fighting, and you suddenly kiss him (Ranbir Kapoor), and then you don’t give up, and he kills you’. But he removed the kiss. There was a kiss. I think it might come on the uncut Netflix version. After saying all this, he said, ‘You’re mute’.”

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