BTS band leader RM releases a new single ‘Bicycle’ for celebrating Annual FESTA 2021, ‘it’s a masterpiece’ said fans

The popular South Korean Band leader RM releases a new single called ‘ Bicycle’ on June 6 as a surprise, celebrating the 8th Anniversary of BTS.


The famous K-pop band has many surprises planned for the ARMY this year as it marks their 8th Anniversary. The song is in honour of FESTA 2021, cued with many sentiments attached to it. The fans had already speculated a new song release but a single by RM has made everyone thrilled and ARMY’s all around the world go crazy.

The song was released on June 6 on YouTube and the fans have been overjoyed and overwhelmed by the new release. The strong vocals, weighty lyrics and rap by RM have made this song a major hit. It has already crossed 5 million views in 18 hours of its release and fans have expressed their happiness commenting, “This is what i need. Thankyou for this, aggressive adding into my playlist “healing and calming” song. My fav playlist.” said one, “Now I just wanna go on a bicycle ride while listening to this masterpiece forgetting everything worries me.” said the other and “if you ride a bike while listening to this you’re the main character” said another. The fans are extremely surprised with the release and have called it an “ideal track to listen to while riding a bicycle .”

According to the reports by Times Of India, the lyrics of the song were inspired by RM’s favourite pastimes and have been a driving force for him to pen them. He said that he always wanted to write on ‘Bicycles’ and it was his dream since he was a trainee. And added that the FESTA has been a strong reason and motivation to write the lyrics.

Artists like Moon Sung Sik and John Hyung have collaborated with him and he has expressed his gratitude towards them for being a part of this collaboration and creating a ‘masterpiece.’ He was also pleased to have his lyrics complement John Eun guitar tunes.

RM has thanked ARMY for their support and wishes that the song stays with everyone in their playlist and is listened to by people who love cycling as much as he does.

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