Bureaucracy keeps Raheja Exotica Madh Island residents waiting for internet options

Residents of high-end residential colony Raheja Exotica, Ocean City, at Madh Island, Mumbai have been facing a long wait for broadband internet options. While government-run MTNL has been the only internet service provider in the colony, Airtel broadband began its services a few weeks ago.

However, some residents complain that they are not being provided Airtel broadband services because of bureaucracy and administration issues. “Airtel broadband services have been provided in certain buildings only, while the other buildings are kept waiting,” said a resident. “The colony administration run by builder blames delays on a yet-to-be-formed society committee, while residents continue to face lack of options for internet services,” rued another.

Vijay Demonte, said to be incharge of the administration could not be reached for comment. Raheja Exotica houses many bigwigs from the corporate as well as entertainment industry.

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