Delhi CM announces a new scheme – “Jaha Vote, Waha Vaccination”

He said “The motive or objective of this is that within 4 weeks, if there is no shortage of vaccine by the government for people above the age of 45, then every person over the age group will be vaccinated in Delhi.”

Early Monday, Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a live press conference over Twitter announced for people over the age of 45, a new scheme will start in Delhi, “Jaha Vote, Waha Vaccination.”

There are more over 57 lakh people of the 45+ age group in Delhi, in which 27 lakh people are already vaccinated with the first dose. Although there are 30 lakh people left to get the first dose of the vaccine.

Mr. Kejriwal said, “We are not going to wait for people to come to us, instead we will go door-to-door for people to get themselves vaccinated.”

The CM went on to say, “Where everyone goes to give votes, we have set up the vaccination centres over there. Everyone knows where the polling centres are, and there are at least 280 wards in Delhi for this. Each week this scheme will run up consecutively, in 70 wards, and within four months this whole scheme will finish.”

The booth level officers are being trained for the 70 wards of the first week and will go to each house to ask who in the family is above 45-years-old and the ones who have not been vaccinated will be given a slot at the polling booths. The booth officers will go to houses from the voters list but will even give slots to people not on the voters list. The booth level officers will also try to convince the people who deny of getting the vaccine. They will give slots for the following day and keep a check of who all among these people did and did not get vaccinated, and will get back on convincing them to get vaccinated.

“To cover whole Delhi like a carpet,” quoted Mr. Kejriwal, and said “within four weeks we will be able to say everyone aged 45-years-old and above are vaccinated.”

Mr. Kejriwal said, “We have arranged for e-rikshaws for people who want to reach to the polling booths from their houses.”

The plan will go on for the second dose of the vaccination as well. And the same process will be followed for the other age groups when the vaccines are in availability.

Delhi CM then appeals to the people and said, “The booth people will come to your houses from tomorrow, please welcome them and take a part in this to get vaccinated at the earliest convenience, as this is the only way to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus. Thankyou”


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