Disney announces the return of Spider-Man in ‘Worlds of Marvel’ show

Disney announced that a Marvel-themed dining experience will be available on one of its premiere cruise ships next year.

Worlds of Marvel, a new restaurant themed on the Marvel Universe, will be added to the Disney Treasure cruise ship, according to the company. Customers may order from a diverse menu in a totally immersive atmosphere with the occasional appearance of its most famous costumed hero, Spider-Man, during the dining experience.

As per the Disney Treasure news release, the new ship will have its own Worlds of Marvel and  “an amazing interaction with Spider-Man.” Disney also said, “During ‘Avengers: Quantum Encounter,’ Spider-Man will call upon his fellow Avengers — and the brave diners at Worlds of Marvel — for backup when an unexpected villain invades the ship in search of powerful quantum technology.”

The Disney Treasure is a brand-new ship to the Disney Cruise line of luxury ships, scheduled to set sail in December 2024 from Port Canaveral, Florida, with the Worlds of Marvel dining experience provided from the start. Disney’s cruise ships also provide meet-and-greets with characters from its original animations as well as Marvel and Star Wars, as well as luxury staterooms, Disney movie screenings and a number of dining options.

The Disney Treasure ship is scheduled to leave Port Canaveral, Florida, on December 21, 2024, for the Caribbean, where it will stop at several tropical locations along the way. The journey will be available for reservations to Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club members on September 12 and to all other guests on Sept. 20.

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