Ed Sheeran crashes couple’s Las Vegas wedding, surprising them with new song; Watch

The British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran stunned a bride and groom during their Las Vegas wedding when he “crashed” their small ceremony and played his unreleased songs from his forthcoming album.

The A-Team singer was in Las Vegas for a scheduled concert that had to be cancelled due to unexpected events. With some spare time,  he decided to create a memorable moment for the couple by surprising them during their marriage.

Ed Sheeran played “Magical” during the event, which is from his forthcoming seventh studio album, “Autumn Variations.”

On his Instagram profile, Ed Sheeran posted a video of this amazing moment. In the video, he and a team of backup singers can be seen walking down the aisle to surprise the couple just before their wedding ceremony. The couple’s expressions indicate a mixture of shock and wonder when Ed Sheeran enters the Little White Chapel.

“Crashed a wedding, this is Magical x,” he captioned the video.

The Grammy-award-winning singer hugged both the bride and groom before ending the song with cheers and applause from those present. Following this beautiful moment, the officiant promptly declared the couple husband and wife.

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