From impressive Nazi butt-kicking to impactful storyline, here are 5 reasons you can’t miss Sisu

Great action dramas that are full of power packed punches and impressive fight sequences will forever remain on top of the most watched movie genre. There’s nothing like the rush of watching an intense shootout or physical battle. The highly acclaimed Finnish director and screenwriter, Jalmari Helander, delivers one such masterpiece, Sisu, which not only promises thrills but also a good story. The movie stars some of the most prominent talents in the Finnish film industry, including Jorma Tommila, Aksel Hennie, Jack Doolan, and Mimosa Willamo. From impressive action to a thought-provoking plot, here are the 5 reasons why this film is a must-watch, especially on the big screens of PVR INOX:

Jorma Tommila flexes his acting muscles in Sisu

Not kidding, the cast’s performance is one of the best things about this film, but Tommila’s performance shines through. He portrays Atami, a retired but famed ruthless soldier whose skills on the battlefield earned him the nickname Koschei, or The Immortal. He’s back in the game now, but he’s fighting a personal war against the Nazis this time. It’s quite satisfying to watch Tommila rip through his foes (literally), so don’t miss out on this chance to see some Nazi butt-kicking!

High intensity action sequences

The trailer has already excited audiences with a glimpse of Atami’s impressive moves. This film is an action lover’s utopia, with endless scenes of Atami tearing his enemies apart. There are physical confrontations, gunfights, explosions, and plenty of gore and violence. We warn you, though: the blood and gore may not be for the faint of heart. Are you up for the challenge?

Illustrates the common man’s desperation during the World War 2

The World Wars were one of the most difficult times in human history, with high levels of poverty and death. People were desperate to earn enough to afford two meals a day, and this period drama depicts the brutality of the situation accurately. It also highlights the Nazi atrocities, which worsened an already dire situation for citizens. After learning about Atami’s hardships, the film breaks your heart and makes you cheer for him even more. This poignant portrayal of the World Wars and the struggles faced by citizens makes Sisu an emotionally charged film that will leave a lasting impact on its viewers.

The title Sisu speaks a lot

Sisu may be an unfamiliar word to non-Finnish speakers, but its meaning is of great impact. Though there is no direct translation, it can be described as the ability to persevere and remain unstoppable in the face of adversity. In the trailer for Sisu, we see Atami’s unwavering determination in his quest for a better life after hitting a jackpot. He fights against anyone or anything that stands in his way. To fully understand this complex concept, watch the film Sisu, which beautifully illustrates the meaning of this powerful word.

Sisu is winning it internationally

The film has clearly impressed people with its intense action and impactful story. With a rating of 7.5 on IMDb, both critics and audiences have compared it to the highly acclaimed John Wick franchise. Moreover, the film was nominated for Best Actor, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Music at the prestigious Sitges-Catalonian International Film Festival and went on to win all of them! It is safe to say that Sisu is winning hearts and awards every minute.

This Finnish masterpiece will arrive at Indian theaters tomorrow. The high-intensity period action drama is best enjoyed on the big screen, so catch Sisu at your nearest PVR or INOX theater!

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