From Tuxedos to Pajamas: How Casino Attire is Changing

Casinos and fashion have always complemented each other, with casino dress code an important rule to follow. However, much like with most fashion trends over the years, the style, dress code, and fashion when spending time at the casino has changed, especially since the early days of social gambling. This is not surprising, especially when you realize the first casino opened in the 17th century, with clothing changing with the times but not losing the authenticity of the casino environment.

There has always been a dress code associated with going to the casino, especially when there was a divide between social classes, such as in the 19th century. Those wealthier casino-goers would attend the fancier places dressed in formal attire, wearing suits and dresses, with the lower classes attending more Western-inspired saloon casinos, wearing ruffles and corsets, and where formal attire would look out of place.

Source: Pexels

While places nowadays still have a dress code, it is much more straightforward and relaxed than what was previously worn in the past. Most casinos no longer require you to wear a black-tie level of formal dress, considering some establishments will let you turn up in casual jeans and a t-shirt. However, it can never hurt to make a little bit of an effort when visiting one. A smart casual outfit will give you the flexibility to fit in around different parts of the establishment, from the more casual poker rooms to the fashionable evening functions.

Generally, smart casual is what you would wear for a nice meal out at a fancy restaurant, so a button-down shirt with a tie, trousers, and leather shoes for the men, and a neutral or rich-colored dress for the women. However, there are some items which should be avoided, particularly flip-flops and sneakers, and you should consider the time of day you will be attending, as visiting during the evening will probably require you to wear more formal clothes instead.

Source: Pexels

While going to the casino was seen as a high-class experience, the trends are changing, including how we perceive casinos, with online casinos becoming increasingly more popular. Online casinos have also appeared to take India by storm, with most online casinos appearing in the last couple of years. With a wide range of games to play, and no need to travel across the casino floor, playing online has become more popular. As India keeps growing in the online casino industry, more and more games become available, from typical casino games such as poker and roulette, to playing on the slot machines and scratch cards. This shift online will no doubt have a long-term effect on the clothing worn in casinos, as land-based establishments look to draw in the casual crowd.

It’s these sorts of advancements that pave the way for real change in the attitudes of the general public as to what is and isn’t sartorially acceptable. Long gone are the restrictive dress codes of the office worker, for example, so it’s not surprising to see that other industries and their moves online will affect what is seen as their official dress code.

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